Our company is founded on a vision of full integration of drone technology into the asset lifecycle. From site inspection through design and into marketing and communications, our approach to projects revolves around three pillars: safety, quality and efficiency.

Whether you're managing a portfolio of assets or producing a promotional video, our experience, our passion, and our innovations are what set us apart. For us, it's not about drones - it's about empowering our clients with better information to help with making better decisions. It's about not just reducing costs by having a drone do the work, it's about producing better quality information that leads to cost reductions throughout the entire asset lifecycle - replacing assumptions with facts.

At the core of it, we understand that our clients aren't particularly interested in the drone - it's all about the data, the media, the perspective. Which is why we focus our efforts and invest heavily innovating our processing and delivery of data. From our bespoke media packages covering landmark projects to close visual inspection of complex structures - the value is in the quality of the data and our client's ability to utilise that data, and that's where we focus our attention.

Commencing as a small start-up operation in 2015, Diodrone's rapidly growing client base is testament to the company's ability to deliver improvements to the three pillars, and ultimately drive the integration of drone technology into the asset lifecycle. Managing operations out of Sydney, Diodrone utilises certified and competency verified drone operators throughout Australia - enabling us to provide our clients with rapid response and round the clock support, whatever their needs.


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