Diodrone's unmanned aerial systems create an opportunity for contractors and asset managers alike to access asset integrity information like never before possible. From corrosion inspections of steel members to crack mapping in post tensioned bridge decks, our drones provide an extremely efficient means of acquiring high quality data. We’re a team of engineers ourselves, so we understand that it’s not about the drone… we’re here to make the inspection process more efficient and more complete.

Our sensors produce crisp, high resolution images that can be captured in a matter of minutes with virtually no site set up and most often without the need for disruption to the asset's operation - whether that is for thermal monitoring of conveyor rollers or level 2 inspections of steel truss rail bridges.

Our purpose designed inspection UAVs can position the imaging sensor in any direction in order to conduct overhead inspections of bridges equally as efficient as oblique imaging of wind farms. Multiple layers of redundancy built into the mechanical and electrical systems of the UAV ensure that the risk of catastrophic failure is all but eliminated.

Customisable deliverable formats range anywhere from traditional engineering reports to interactive GIS models. Whatever your application, we're confident our engineers can produce a bankable cost reduction to your inspection requirements.