Whether you manage a quarry or a mine, accurate and on demand data will enable better decisions and increased productivity. We recognise that it's not the drones you're interested in, it's the data. Which is why we focus just as heavily on the delivery and usability of our data as we do on the acquisition. Better data, safer process, reduced costs - that's our guarantee.

Our specialist UAV pilots come to site and capture the data using the latest in unmanned aerial technology. Using photogrammetry software, we then process it into a 3D photo-realistic model, before uploading it to our client portal. From the client portal, you are able to view and explore the site in a virtual environment, take measurements, make annotations and run virtually everything needed for production and progress reporting. It's intuitive, simple and best of all requires no specialist software or training. Alternatively, you download the processed data and drop it into your established workflow.

  • measure stockpile volumes
  • measure blast volumes
  • measure distance
  • measure surface area
  • check gradients
  • measure how much material was moved 
  • report progress and production