Point clouds, 3D meshes, orthophotos, digital surface models, digital terrain models - 3D data is available, and yet infrastructure project still rely heavily on contour maps. Diodrone's unmanned aerial platforms are used to acquire an array of overlapping images of a subject, which are then converted by specialist computer software into scale 3D models and high resolution orthophotos. Whether for presentation and visualisation purposes or to provide designers with a base model to work from, the ability to rapidly and efficiently recreate almost any building, house, dam, bridge, tower or cutting, in exacting 3-dimensional detail adds value at every stage of the asset life-cycle.

Depending on your project needs, Diodrone can provide you with a private URL so that you can share the model with whomever you choose or even embed the model on your website. The model viewer works seamlessly on any computer, smartphone or tablet with a web browser and internet connection and can be annotated with text or inspection data to provide an interactive virtual data set. The modelling software will export a copy of the model in any number of common file formats including dxf, obj, and fbx.