Past Projects


The December 2015 bushfire that ravaged the townships of Wye River and Separation Creek on the Great Ocean Road left almost a third of all homes totally destroyed, with many other badly damaged and uninhabitable. A major clean up and rebuilding efforts have been underway since. Diodrone was engaged to provide aerial survey across a number of properties including the survey of retaining wall and slope which had sustained serious fire damage. Manually controlled the flight path of the drone, Diodrone was able to operate beneath the tree canopy and produce a highly detailed 3D model of the damaged structure. The model was then imported into Revit and AutoCAD Civil 3D for the detailed design of a replacement retaining wall and other remediation measures.


As part of the Kuranda Range Slope Stabilisation project, near Cairns QLD, Diodrone were contracted to conduct an extensive condition survey of all infrastructre within the project area. Diodrone utilsed a combination of ground based and aerial inspection to capture, in high detail, a complete snapshot in time of the heritage listed infrastructure condition. Completed over two days onsite and across both public and railcorridor areas, the condition assessment included more than 1300 geo-referenced photographs and a detailed inspection report covering multiple bridges, track, slopes, platforms and car parks.


Working closely with Sydney Trains to further aid with the integration of drone technology into their asset lifecycle, Diodrone recently completed a detailed Aerial Survey of the Lapstone Rail Cutting. The cutting is one of the largest in the Sydney Trains asset portfolio, extending for more than 1300m in length and up to 60m in height. Using a multirotor drone, Diodrone manually flew and captured more than 1400 oblique images at an average GSD of 0.8cm. Photogrammetry processing then produced a survey grade point cloud of the entire railway corridor, a data set never previously available.


As part of an ongoing pilot program to introduce drone technology to the geotechnical asset management in Sydney Trains, Diodrone recently completed aerial survey and inspection of the Waterfall Cuttings. The 25m deep x 8m wide x 500m long twin cuttings presented numerous challenges to the operation of an unmanned aerial vehicle, though ultimately resulted in the successful survey and geotechnical inspection of more than 20,000m2 of vertical rock face in record time and with minimal disruption to the operation of the railway.

Construction Monitoring of $500M Project with Aerial 360° Panoramas

Aerial monitoring of large scale construction has never been easier or more complete. The Bringelly Road Upgrade, a $500M project, has been relying on manned aircraft and conventional aerial imagery to provide progress monitoring data. Diodrone provided an innovative alternative in the form of aerial 360° panoramas - providing a more complete data set, acquired to a safer methodology. Fully geo-referenced and not missing a thing, this is unmanned aerial data.

Human Factors Aerial Data

Ergonomics, or Human Factors, is the scientific discipline concerned with the interactions among humans and other elements of a system - capturing data and applying theory in order to optimize human well-being and overall system performance. Working with Ergonomie Australia, our aerial platforms are being used to capture data on the movement of traffic through and around road works. Using a mobile charging station, we're able to remain airborne for 50 minutes of every hour and provide near perpetual, real-time, surveillance.

Aerial Survey and Change detection

Aerial survey with drones is nothing new - aerial images quickly collected and processed into topographic data. With Diodrone's multirotor technology we've been able to take that innovation one step further. By capturing our imagery at close range and from oblique angles to produce high density point clouds and then processing in change detection software, we're able to detect and quantify changes as small as 35mm - providing a degree of data previously unavailable.

close visual inspection of heritage bridge

The close visual inspection of bridges is a huge value add opportunity for the drone technology revolution. Assets that have operationally critical asset managment programs, where short cuts can't be taken and condition data of a live, hard to reach asset, is absoltutely, non-negotiably, required. The inspection saved on weeks of scaffolding and rope access works, identifying the problem areas and enabling an optimised approach to the detailed tactile inspections that will follow.

geotechnical inspections and survey

Subject to extensive and ongoing rock fall for a number of years, the Council commissioned a detailed geotechnical hazard assessment for this road way. Diodrone were brought in to provide close visual inspection, mapping and modelling of various sites along the road. The inspections identified a number of large hazards that were previously unknown, keep an eye out for them in the highlight video.

3D modelling of world heritage Australian icon

Diodrone has virtualised the landmark icon, the Three Sisters. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains Area, the three sisters presented a fantastic opportunity to really test out the capabilities of our mapping and modelling technology.

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