The modern construction site is a busy place. Stacked programmes and tight budgets mean that multiple contractors are working across multiple work fronts and producing vast amount of output on a daily basis - keeping an accurate record of which can be a considerable task in itself. For contractors and clients alike, drone technology is able to capture an accurate snap shot in time of the construction progress - massively easing the process of progress reporting, claims, and variations.

Through the use of aerial photographs, video, and post-processed 3D models, our project monitoring includes not just visual data but a complete and accurate topographic 3D model and orthophoto. Accessed via our client portal, needing no specialist software, training or powerful computer, you are then able to view the photographic record and measure distance, area and volume for any part of the project visible to a bird's eye view.

Whether your in a look ahead meeting and need to visualise the current state of earthworks or you're assessing a contractor's progress claim for pavement area, we're absolutely confident our project monitoring will improve safety, increase quality and save money.

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