We know what it takes to design and construct a slope stabilisation solution in an environment where site investigations are costly, high risk and, often, of less than ideal accuracy. A history of using rope access, cranes and even helicopters has illustrated the cost, effort and, more importantly, danger associated with detailed slope investigations.

Conventional surveys of slopes rely on a number of points with linear interpolations of the surfaces in-between. The contour map or digital elevation model you've been working with all these years has done the job, but what if there was a better way. What if we could virtualise the slope to exacting detail and accuracy, providing not only information on the shape of the slope, but imagery of what the slope actually looks like, how sparsely vegetated the slope is, where the boulder clusters are located, joint spacing, dip and direction - a complete 3D virtualisation with millimetre accuracy. And, all this without placing an engineer on the slope or a person at risk and in a fraction of the time a conventional survey pickup would require.

The data is more complete, the process is safer, and the service is more efficient than has ever been offered before. Our UAV acquired data can be post-processed into any number of useable deliverables including digital elevation models, contour maps, cross sections, and virtualisations. Speak with one of our geotechnical engineers and discover the game changing capabilities Diodrone can bring to your project.